Matthew Tripp

Matthew, a devout follower of God, has spent so far over four years immersed in business literature, gaining invaluable knowledge across various industries. Mentored by experts, he helps home improvement companies scale by implementing their unique Capture & Prelude System. This cutting-edge system automates client acquisition, alleviating the burdens of stress, worry, and uncertainty from home improvement companies. With these challenges addressed, owners can redirect their focus to working on the business and doing what they do best - serving their clients at the highest level, making the impact they were called to make.

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Matthew's Whole Story *So Far

Matthew's journey towards discipline and business acumen was far from an overnight success. It all began during the Covid pandemic and on March 13th it was a turning point for Matthew as schools closed and he found himself unexpectedly thrust into an extended period of isolation that lasted not just three weeks, but five months.

During this time away from school, Matthew realized he wasn't truly happy, feeling sluggish and battling bouts of depression. However, an encounter with an ab workout video, introduced by his sister Katie, would prove to be a life-altering moment. Despite initial resistance, Matthew agreed to join Katie in the 12-minute ab workout. Upon completing the exercise, an overwhelming surge of motivation, dopamine, confidence, and sheer joy washed over him, igniting a desire for self-improvement that he had never experienced before.

Intrigued by the idea of achieving a physique that he felt would make him confident in his own skin, Matthew delved into research, stumbling upon images of incredibly fit individuals who became his newfound inspiration. Determined to transform himself, he embarked on a daily routine of ab workouts, progressively increasing the intensity. As his discipline grew, so did his thirst for more. Cold showers/plunges, 100 daily pushups, 100 pull-ups, meditation, Journaling, and praying became part of his daily regimen, transforming his physical, mental, emotional, spiritual beings.

Matthew's path to personal growth took an unexpected turn one evening while browsing YouTube before bed. A video titled "What to do before you turn 18 to set yourself up financially" caught his attention. Among the many suggestions, a particular piece of advice resonated deeply: reading two influential books, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and "Think and Grow Rich." Matthew wasted no time and acquired the books, embarking on a journey of intellectual expansion and exploration. These initial readings not only broadened his horizons to what's possible but also paved the way for an appetite for knowledge, propelling him to devour countless more business books.

Eager to put his newfound knowledge into practice, Matthew ventured into entrepreneurship. Starting with lawn mowing, he gradually branched out into various ventures—sneaker reselling, shoveling driveways, moving furniture, and e-commerce, even dabbling in investing...

...Now he works with home improvement companies helping them grow through branded content on popular social platforms to bring in consistent qualified jobs.

Along side his business success he's made a turn & direction on what he sees his future career and life becoming by being able to express emotionally, bring joy to people, make a bigger impact and follow his gut of acting in the film industry.

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